Zura Mchedlishvili

I am Zura Mchedlishvili, Georgian. I was born in Georgia, 21. July. 1988. work in many directions: painting, printmaking, illustrating and graphic design. In generally I live and work in Tbilisi, Georgia. I have graduated Tbilisi State Academy of Arts bachelor degree (easel graphic). Also Jackob Nikoladze’s Art collage Idaaf painting and Rustavi Pirosmani Art SchoolI am sick by life, I walk into the wonderful mystical painting world from childhood. I was a life researcher and junior laborer at Kepler-22b Kepler-22b, 587.1 light-years away from earth. I was also known as a universe & exoplanet-finder. Without joke, I am working at creative Agency as a graphic designer. I have passions for creating: web design, packaging design, Icon design, magazine design, painting, printmaking: etching, engraving, woodcut, linocut and etc.